Google no longer the company I loved ?

First of all let me start by saying that I am the hugest Google fan boy. This company has always had a special place in my heart, I’ve always felt like they constantly innovate and really listen to their users, whether they are your average Joe or a Linux hacker like me. Well Google has a big problem, I don’t know if its an algorithm or a person causing this but the way they have dealt with the situation makes me feel like its probably both, and that their support people don’t care about their customers one bit.

Since day one I’ve been a huge Google+ fan, I do hangouts multiple times a week, actively provide content to the network and recommend these services to my friends who are a bit skeptical about the future of Google+. Starting a few weeks ago I found out my Google plus profile was suspended because I was an impostor or trying to mislead others. I read all the Google help and sent Google a number of appeals including my details and questions as well as a copy of my Photo ID that they requested. Every appeal I send is replied to with a form email stating “We’ve investigated your claim. Unfortunately we’re unable to take any further action at this time.” Thats it nothing more, no reasons or way I can resolve this.

You may be thinking that I’m using a fake name or have inaccurate information in my profile, but you are wrong about that. I have validated my profile over and over and everything is correct and appropriate. This is so frustrating and is moving me towards no longer trusting Google. I was the guy that trusted them with everything and now they tell me I am not really my self. After looking around for other people with the same issue I found that I am not the only one, many people are in my exact same situation across the world with absolutely no recourse. I think this is the tipping point for Google and their social network Google+ , they can continue to ignore their users and let their policy’s paint them as a new Google, one that does evil and doesn’t really care about it, or they can admit to this problem and fix it for their users like the Google I love would. I’m sad to say that I don’t think this will happen , this problem is happening at a time of big change inside Google and I think its much worse then we know.

UPDATE: Someone on twitter recommended that I post on Google support forums we will see how this goes!category-topic/google-plus-discuss/fix/uteMfAABzm8

Google Plus Fails

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  • 2 years ago